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I love to ‘pimp’ my charms with beads, or best of all crystals, and it still amazes me how they transform the appearance of a simple charm to something rather special.

When designing the presentation cards for the markers, I really could not bear the idea of wasteful packaging, so came up with the idea of having a row counter grid from 1-100 marked out on the reverse of the cards. They are so handy – and yes, I use them for my projects too.

The project bags I sell, came about in much the same way as the stitch markers. I had not sewn for some years, but my drawers full of fabric kept ‘calling to me’ and I thought a practical item to make would be a lovely project bag for one of my many crochet projects. The power of social media meant that my existing customers were soon asking when the bags would be appearing in my shop too!

So, every now and then, when the urge is great, I will sit at my machine and sew project bags for my shop. It never becomes a chore, because I very much think of sewing as one of my hobbies.

I love to create things – whether it be new styles of project bags, or designing new ranges of stitch markers, every item is made with love. If I don’t love it, it won’t make it into my shop, it’s that simple.

Working with designers and yarn dyers is so much fun! Sometimes they will have a clear idea of what they are looking for, but other times I am let loose, having been given the briefest of information – maybe just the yarn colour or project theme – and then off I go having sleepless nights dreaming of all the possibilities open to me! I keep a mental library of all the charms I have seen, just waiting for the right project to have the opportunity to use them with.

Last year I subscribed to a handmade soap club, and this inexpensive subscription was the inspiration behind my own Mrs G Makes Stitch Marker Subscription Club. January 2021 saw the launch of the Club and numbers have increased every month, which makes me super happy to think of so many people receiving little parcels of loveliness to brighten their day.

Subscribers can choose from either 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions, whether to receive one or two stitch markers per month, and choose from hoop, lobster or lever arch clasps – or a mixture! Some customers have requested to swap clasps midway through their subscription, and that is absolutely fine too.

Payment for the full term is made when purchasing the subscription from my Etsy shop, and includes the postage payment for each month. As a bonus for members, they are able to shop with ‘free postage’ each month and I then send all their orders together with their Club delivery (normally around the 15th of each month). The only exception is if they order larger items – but I always discuss this with them and there might just be an extra pound or two to pay. Anyone who signs up for a 12 month subscription also receives a free storage tin to keep all the markers in.

Without a doubt, from day one, my most popular stitch markers have been the seaside themed ones. Each year I have added to the range and changed the bead design to keep them looking fresh.

For 2021 my bead of choice for these charms are some gorgeous, frosted glass beads, in a variety of beautiful beach themed colours. I think their popularity has in part been due to the fabulous designer, Eleonora Tully of Coastal Crochet. She has designed so many beautiful seaside themed patterns, and this range of stitch markers do compliment her designs very well indeed.

The majority of sales are through my Etsy shop, but attendees of The Crochet Sanctuary weekend retreats will often find me there with my pop up shop. It is a great way for me to receive feedback and for customers to see the markers in the flesh, so to speak.
I love customer interaction, so much so that some of my most popular markers have been because of customer requests. I want to make products that real people really need. I may pimp my markers with a bit of bling, but they need to be practical too and not merely ‘yarn jewellery’.

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